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Each year when the 7th graders study the I am statements of Jesus, we do an art project where students select an I am statement to illustrate.  It’s always fun to see the students use their creativity and I love putting the completed projects in the hallway when we are finished.

After completing my icon project in art class during the winter of 2017 (read about that here), I really wanted to change the way I did this project.  For one thing, I wanted students to get more out of the assignment than a pretty picture, and for another, I wanted to use some of the teaching ideas I had gained from watching the art teacher at work.  So this year the project took two forms: the art portion (which I amped up) and a bible study portion.

First students picked their favorite I am statement of Jesus.  For example, some of the options included “I am the bread of life” or “I am the gate” or “I am the alpha and the omega”.  They then read three chapters of the Bible, which some of them weren’t thrilled about, but I really wanted them to see the context of that I am statement.  So they grudgingly read the chapter before Jesus speaks the I am statement, the chapter with the statement and the chapter after the statement.

We then used the book I Am: 40 Reasons to Trust God * to read about the I am statements in a more kid friendly fashion, and the students were then tasked to use the I am statement assignment to complete their own reflection on and retelling of the statement.  Then they created either a coloring page or an illuminated manuscript of their chosen statement.

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The goal was then to have the class make a coloring book and devotional book for their 3rd grade peace partners (a program in our school that matches younger students with an older mentor student each year), but unfortunately we never made it to that part of the project because I had to start maternity leave early.  This year I am looking forward to completing the entire project.

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