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Teaching middle schoolers how to live and practice their faith

The other day I experienced a first. The weather was so bad that our bishop displeased the Sunday obligation for everyone in our entire diocese, asking us to pray at home, especially the luminous mysteries in honor of world marriage day. As I stayed inside for yet another day with a toddler who desperately wants to play in the snow except for the actual touching the snow part, I was thinking of ways families can use snow days to increase their faith and come together as a family. Here are some fun and easy ideas for a faith filled snow day.

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1. Build LEGO Bible scenes. For Holy Week the last few years, my friend Kelly has posted pictures on facebook of the events of the last week of Jesus’s life as her sons imagine them in legos. I love seeing their creativity, and I love the way God can work through our talents. While we are strictly a Duplo family currently, I think it would be lot of fun to read the mass readings for the day and then try to build the scene from Legos. There’s also a really fun Catechism of the Seven Sacraments¬†book available on Amazon that could provide some other ideas for what to build while also teaching really important faith concepts.

2. Do a color and pray rosary. In my earlier post about ways to pray the rosary, I mentioned that this is one I have used with my class and their third grade peace partners. We’ve also used stickers before too, which students really enjoyed. Because my old copy of the coloring sheet is getting a little ratty looking, I may use my next snow day to create my own. With littler children, you could break up the rosary throughout the day and pray one decade at a time.

3. Listen to religious podcasts for kids. I really enjoy Shining Light Dolls new podcast “Saint Stories for Kids” which is available on many podcast platforms. Shining Light Dolls also has some beautiful picture books and toys for Catholic kids.¬† You can see their full line of products at ¬†Shining Light Dolls on Amazon.

4. This one might make your neighbors look at you a little funny, but I think it could be hilarious and fun. Make a saint snow person! Make a bunch! It would be so much fun to talk about common symbols for certain saints while figuring out how to portray that in snow- like flowers for Saint Therese, or animals for Saint Francis. One of my favorite parts of the classic Calvin and Hobbes comic strips was the scenes Calvin would create out of snow. You can channel your inner Catholic Calvin!

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