Last summer I decided to share some of the books that have helped me grow in my relationship with God, and I received more feedback on those posts than most others throughout the year. So I wanted to try it again this summer. Most of these are books I have read throughout the year, but others might just be favorites from other seasons of my life. On a few days I may review books that go together in a specific category, like kid’s saint books etc.

This year has been a tough one for me professionally and personally. Without supportive communities of friends, family, and faith, I’m not sure I would have finished the school year. Reading books that brought me closer to Jesus and reaffirmed my vocations as wife, mother and teacher also helped me get through a tough time of anxiety and depression.

As a group of teachers from my school gathered to reflect and pray before the school day towards the end of the year, my coworker read us a reflection about how our students learn much more from our example than from the words we say or the lessons we teach. I think one of the greatest examples we can give our students is the example of being dedicated to growing closer to God through spiritual reading. The practice of spiritual reading also feeds our soul and gives us the grace not to run on empty.

Like last summer, the rating system I will use is one that my sisters and I use: popcorn.  If a book is an easy, kick off your sandals and read at the beach book, it will be a 5 popcorn read.  If it is a book that will challenge you (think the writings of Saint Teresa of Avila or Saint John Paul II) it will be a 1 popcorn read.  To avoid people thinking a 1 popcorn read is a bad book, I will use stars to indicate how helpful the book was to me spiritually.

Finally, for many of the books I will provide a link to where you can purchase it on Amazon. If you decide that this may be a book for you and purchase it using my link, I will receive a small commission at no cost to you. This is a small way for me to pay for the blog and continue to provide great content and resources to teachers and parents for absolutely free.
Happy Summer!