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A few years ago my dad gave me a copy of Interior Freedom by Jacques Philippe. My dad had been through a very difficult time in his professional life as a teacher and had decided to retire after nearly forty years in education. While I wish I could say that I immediately sat down and read this little book cover to cover, the truth is that it took me almost a year to even start reading, and then several months to finish what looks like a very unassuming little book.

Philippe’s basic premise is that with God, we are always truly free, no matter what is going on in our lives because God is the source of our freedom. He also proposes that we can only be free to the extent that we grow in our faith, hope and love. The things that weigh us down or bind us can all be solved through loving God, ourselves and others, relying on our faith and looking to the future with hope. It sounds really easy, but in the day to day living of being a Christian, wife, mother and teacher, faith, hope and love are not always how I approach the world.

I had to read this little book a small section at a time and really commit to praying and journaling about it as I went. This last year has really put the concepts I read in the book to the test, so I want to read it again to help me be more free from the past and more confident in God’s providence for my future. However, I gave my copy to a friend who needed it, so I will have to get a new one.

Popcorn: 1. This book requires a lot of attention and prayer to read.
Stars: 5. This book will change your life if you let it.