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Esther is another amazing study by Beth Moore. From the first time I was introduced to her studies in college, Beth Moore’s insight into scripture and her obvious love of the Bible have inspired me. You can read about my experiences doing her Breaking Free bible study here. Esther is another study that I have done several times, but last summer I was really blessed to be able to go through the story with a wonderful group of women who I know through our church and parochial school.

Esther is a nine week study that goes chapter by chapter through the book in the Old Testament. By the end, you really understand the story and all of the ways God’s plan can write through some very crooked lines. Each week has five days of reading and study, which was good for me flexibility wise, because last summer I had an 18 month old. I loved Beth’s insights on the way scripture all comes together, and the ways that she tied other books of the Bible and lots of Bible history to the actual story of Esther.

If you don’t know the story of Esther, it is amazing! And also, a very doable read in just one day. Obviously this study takes much longer, but you could sit down and read through the whole thing in probably an hour. It reads like a movie- a set of bitter enemies, the planned destruction of the Jewish people, and a girl being used as a pawn by both sides. What makes Esther truly remarkable is how easy she is to relate to. At one point, if she keeps silent, she will be safe during the destruction of her people. But her uncle forces her hand, and she has to decide how brave she can be. It’s really a great book to read. I’m also really partial to the women of the Bible- they aren’t highlighted very often, and only a handful get their own book.

Popcorn Rating for the Bible Study: 2. Beth Moore makes you work hard and think a lot. But it’s so rewarding
Popcorn Rating for the book in the Bible: 5. So exciting you can read it in one sitting.
Stars for both: 5. Great way to know more of your faith history and spend time in God’s word.